The message behind Melanites

Posted Jan 18, 17

by Jennifer Pierre

Over the years I have mentored, tutored, and volunteered with countless children. I have seen firsthand how differently way many of the boys of color maneuvered through life and it put into perspective how society cultivates children based on race and gender. Many of the kids I mentored dreamed and inspired within a bubble because of circumstance and environment. The only real change of course happened through an intervention of a new mindset and exposure to new ideas.

I created Melanitesto intercept the glass ceiling placed on young boys' mind about what they can be when they grow up and how they are supposed to express themselves. Melanitesis showcasing positive representation to cultivate curiosity, adventure, and fun. After all, toys are more than toys. My goal is simple: to design diverse toys, storybooks, and games that empower children to dream big!



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